1. my design for older jimmy :3 (don’t worry he has braces)

  2. not sorry

  3. guess who got a tablet today ;3 get ready to see more crappy art! haha

  4. A little phone doodle! I was inspired after the last chapter of “a sure thing” (which is gold by the way) and I needed to get my feels out

    nat belongs to c2ndy2c1d

  5. Another little sketch

  6. A little kevedd doodle :-) done on my phone

  7. master post! I tried my best with Nat, who belongs to c2ndy2c1

    (p.s. if you wanna use any of these ass icons or whatev just make sure to give credit somehow, thank you!)

    made with http://www.icongenerators.net/pixelavatar.html

  8. and the Reverse version! again i made some small edits :3


  9. I made a thing hehe

    I made them at http://www.icongenerators.net/pixelavatar.html and added some details in paint! Hope it looks alright!!

  10. A little doodle I did, a little messy but whatev. Kevin practice.